The Open Disc

The Open Disk is a collection of high quality Open Source Software (OSS) for Windows.

Some of the software on the disc includes Firefox Thunderbird The Gimp Inkscape and VLC just to name a few

If you want to start getting your friends that run windows into the feel and the freedom of Open Source Software (OSS), I’d recommend you taking a look at and or downloading a copy of the Open Disc. This is what I done this year as part of peoples Christmas presents. :-)

LINK: Google’s GMail security vulnerability

This article is a bit of an eye opener how criminals can get personal emails from your GMail forwarded on them and deleted from your account with out you even knowing for a while till you go to alter or add new filter(s).

What would you do if a criminal stole something very personal, and very valuable from you?

What if they were able to target your business and criple your income?

You wouldn’t be too happy now, would you?

What if you also discovered that this was happening because of a Google security infection that can affect every GMail user on the planet?

Read the full article here