Acer Aspire Timeline 4810T laptop and Wireless under Debian 5.0.2 (Lenny)

$ lspci
02:00.0 Network controller: Intel Corporation Wireless WiFi Link 5100

Add the Debian Backports repository to /etc/apt/sources.list

deb lenny-backports main contrib non-free

Update the list of available packages and install the debian-backports-keyring package.

# apt-get update
# apt-get -t lenny-backports install debian-backports-keyring

As your system does not yet have the GnuPG archive key of the repository installed, you will be asked to confirm installation of a package from an untrusted repository. Enter Yes when prompted.

Install a 2.6.30 kernel image appropriate for your system, along with the firmware-iwlwifi and wireless-tools packages.

# apt-get update

# apt-get -t lenny-backports install linux-image-2.6.30-bpo.1-$(uname -r | sed 's,.*-,,g') firmware-iwlwifi wireless-tools

Restart your system and boot with the newly installed kernel, and the necessary kernel module should be automatically loaded.

As the new kernel was booting I noticed it made mention to that the microcode was out of date. To fix this problem simply download the new microcode from Intel Wireless WiFi Link Drivers for Linux.

wget -c

Uncompress the microcode

tar xvf iwlwifi-5000-ucode-

Now all we need to do is to change into the directory of where the microcode is and then copy it to /lib/firmware

# cd iwlwifi-5000-ucode-
# cp iwlwifi-5000-2.ucode /lib/firmware/

Restart your system and the newly added microcode will be loaded and used.

Acer Aspire Timeline 4810T laptop and ethernet under Debian 5.0.2 (Lenny)

Last week I bought a new laptop and found the Ethernet does not work. Here is how I got it to work.

$ lspci
01:00.0 Ethernet controller: Attansic Technology Corp. Device 1063 (rev c0)

First off we need to install compiling tools and the kernel headers

# apt-get install build-essential linux-headers-`uname -r`

Now to download the AR81Family Linux Driver for the Ethernet card.

Change directories to were you downloaded the drivers too

$ cd ~/Desktop/atheros/

I found the driver package was compressed funny and had to do

$ gunzip AR81Family-linux-v1.0.0.10.tar.gz

and then

$ tar xvf AR81Family-linux-v1.0.0.10.tar

to get the drivers uncompressed.
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