Fridays Adelaide Science Alive 2011

Today was the first day of the 3 day Science Alive event at the Wayville show grounds. I was helping out on the ‘Radio and Electronics’ booth with Paul H, Paul S,(Amateur Radio Operators) and Robyn, and Jonathan from Hackerspace. It was a rather noisy day as it was school’s day, but… I was able to get a little coding down on my Arduino weather station and thanks to Jonathan for his help on couple my problems in my code. After the event finished at 1500 hours Paul S and I went over to pick up a Codan manpack to go on display at Saturday and Sunday at Science Alive. Overall it was a great day and I enjoyed the day :-)

Homemade Coax Switcher

This is a coax switcher unit I made out of some parts lying around in the junk box. What I have done is modified an old ‘100 Watt CB antenna matcher’ unit and added an extra SO238 and a double pole switch to be some functional I can now use with my 2m/70cm setup.

Parts break down:
Metal box 51x51x32mm from JayCars be ideal, or bigger for more sockets
3 x SO238 panel mount connectors
2mm silver plated copper wire
double pole switch