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Working on new server

Well today has been an interesting day working on my new server that I got last Wednesday. My new server is a Compaq Proliant ML530 in a 7U 19″ rack mountable. I know it an old server and weighs heaps and needs 2 people to move it, but it a starter to help make things little more professional for the web sites i host.

Well the interesting problem i was having is that when i installed Debian 4.0r0 (Etch) it was only seeing one of the CPUs. So after playing around with different boot options as Debian boots up it was still not seeing the second CPU. So I went and had a look around the HP/Compaq web site about my server to see what they had to say and see if i could find the software needed to access the BIOS, well after bit of searching i found the Software / Drivers page for my server and saw there was a SmartStart Software CD to download. While the CD was trickling down from there server I went off and done couple other things to kill the time.

By now it has been a couple hours waiting for the download to finish, but i have a hot off the burner a freshly burnt CD of the HP SmartStart Software, now it time to boot the server up off the CD. While the server was booting up off the CD I thought it was time for a coffee, well when i got back it was sitting there with a error on the screen about not having a mouse attached and the GUI stuff would not allow me to tab around and select what i wanted. Ok ended up having to look for a ps2 mouse to plug into it and do a reboot.

Now I got a mouse plugged in and the system rebooted. Time to get into the BIOS and see what is going on there, when i got into the BIOS i noticed one thing straight out was about the OS and that was set to other so I highlighted it and pressed enter to see what other options it had to offer and noticed that there was an option for UNIX and when i selected that it gave some more options and the last option there was Linux so I selected it which then changed and interrupt from 5 to 10. I finished off looking through the BIOS to see if there was anything else that might need to be change, which there wasn’t. So after saving the BIOS and exiting out the SmartStart Software and rebooting the server, I logged in and typed cat /proc/cpuinfo and low and behold there was my second CPU finally being recognized, so me does the happy happy joy joy dance.