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LINK: Farmer gives low-cost laptop a proper field test

FROM his hot, dusty, locust-plagued property in the NSW outback, a software engineer who goes by the name Quozl is doing his bit to help educate 1.5 billion of the world’s poorest children.

Read the full article here

TeamSpeak and Urban Terror under Linux

For the people that want to run TeamSpeak and Urban Terror together on the one machine here is quick howto to stop TeamSpeak hogging the audio.

1) You need to install alsa-oss

sudo apt-get install alsa-oss

2) goto Applications => Internet, right click on TeamSpeak and add launcher to Panel or Pesktop
3) Right click on the TeamSpeak launcher on Panel or Desktop and goto Properties => Launcher
4) In the command section add ‘aoss‘ in front of ‘teamspeak‘, eg – ‘aoss teamspeak
5) close the Properties window and launch TeamSpeak from your modified launcher

enjoy 🙂

Thanks to MatthewV with his help with testing 🙂

This HowTo should work with other games but I have only tested it with Urban Terror

Ubuntu alsa-oss