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HTC Desire Battery Life

I done a clean install a couple days ago of OxygeN 2.0.1, and to be honest I am getting better battery life than with RC7

Always running is:
3G Wireless
ZDbox – update every 60 sec
Beautiful Widgets – update every hour
System Info Widget – update every 60 sec
Telstra Usage – update every 6 hours

I am sitting on 50% battery usage @ 1 day 8 hours on battery, with above apps etc running and making odd phone calls/sms’s, updates, Facebook, IRC, etc etc.

The only thing I did to prep the battery was fully charge the phone to 100% and rebooted into recovery while still connected to the charger and wiped the battery stats and rebooted the phone and disconnected it from the charger.

Hope this info is some help
enjoy 🙂

Cigarette Free

I have officially been Tobacco free for 52 weeks, 14 hours and 37 minutes now, YAY to me for breaking a year, and damn it went by fast.

And to celebrate I want all smoker that read this to go with out a cigarette for a full day. Trust me your lungs will love you for it 😉