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Crazy Johns and the Huawei IDEOS Warranty

I bought a IDEOS when they were $159 (AUD) Crazy Johns special from Australia Post including a 4GB microSD couple months, which I have had no problems with. But I have since upgraded to HTC Desire and gave my mother the IDEOS which she loves and also is not having any problems with.

I recommend the IDEOS phone to a friend as his girlfriend broke her phone and knowing she uses Facebook etc via mobile. Well to keep the story short, the phones charging circuit had died a month after buying the phone and they have had nothing but trouble and the run around from repairer to point sale and vis a versa to get it repaired, replaced under warranty, or money refund on the device. And this phone was bought from a Crazy Johns store.

The last I have heard about it is that they are now taking it to Business and Consumer Affairs.

I guess the moral of this story is even though we live in a throw away society, we as consumers do still have rights, and the business, repairs, and manufactures should be holding up there end of the bargain even if the warranty repair job is going to cost more than the phone is worth or they hand over a replacement item. So even though a product is not worth a lot in monetary value, remember you are the one that bought the item and why should you have to fork out again out your own pocket for the item and only make these people richer.

End story stand up for your rights and not let these businesses and corporate giants push you around, even though it can seem to be hard work.