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Duck Duck Go

Well yesterday when I was stuffing around with my mobile phone I was doing update etc I looked to see what was new in the fdroid repository and stumbled across a new search engine called ‘Duck Duck Go‘ and go by the motto ‘We don’t track you!‘, which I found rather interesting as who doesn’t want to track you in this digital age. Anyways I have started to use Duck Duck Go (DDG) as my prefer search engine for awhile to see how they are as I am sort of getting annoyed with Google(but that another story).

What is DuckDuckGo?
DuckDuckGo is a search engine. Use it to get way more instant answers, way less spam, real privacy and we believe a much better overall search experience. See our about page for more.

Do you track me, i.e. can my searches be tied to me?
No – we do not store any personal information, e.g. IP addresses or user agents: see our privacy policy for details. We also have an encrypted (SSL) version, two non-JS versions (HTML & lite), a Tor hidden service (about), several privacy settings (including POST & RefControl), and we allow you to use URL parameters instead of cookies to store settings.

Read more about there above quoted information here

There plug-ins available for Firefox etc here, and the Android DDG search bar is available here