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ROSA Saturday 30th July 2011

It was a great day out and to help with stage communications for WICEN at Start Stage 3 (SS3) of RallySA (ROSA) at Charleston, and here are some pictures I took before batteries went flat.

Android Application Permissions in part Explained

When you install an application from the Android market or from else where it will tell you the permission(s) it needs to function. While some legitimate applications often ask for more permissions than they need, it should at least raise some concern when deciding if an application is safe and of good quality.

To see permission(s) of a given application after installation, go to the Market, press menu > My apps, then select the application, press menu > more, then press security. There is an application called ‘permissions‘ to help explain the permissions of the applications you have installed on your smartphone.

Below is a list that was initially prepared by Lost Packet who talks about android security in much greater detail.

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[PART 4] 3 element 2 meter band Yagi conclusion

Well this is the conclusion after having bit of a play and a fiddle with this 3 element Yagi that I built based on VK5JST build notes. For a 3 element Yagi it is rather directional of about 45 degrees, and very deaf at the back which is a good thing for some setups. Overall it is a rather unusual design with characteristics of much larger Yagi’s for the same band. I have been able to get 1.2/1.3-1 SWR on my Yagi for 146Mhz which I am rather chuffed with and had a good QSO into the VK5RHO repeater from my place. I could probably get better SWR if had a network analyzer to see exactly what the Yagi is doing over 144-148Mhz 2M amateur band.

This Yagi was well worth the time it took to build.

[PART 3] 3 element 2 meter band Yagi construction finished

Well today I made the gamma section for my Yagi and mounted it and also added rubber bits for the ends of the elements and end caps for the boom. I have done a quick test of the Yagi with a 10pF capacitor and the SWR is ~1.5-1. I got a couple air variable capacitors I going to put on the Yagi to better tune it. As it was a lovely day most my work was done outside on the deck. 🙂

Adelaide Science Alive 2011

Science Alive! is Australia’s largest community science expo with over 50 interactive science booths, spectacular chemistry science shows, native animal shows, magic shows, robots, circus workshops, sports science activities, giant Star domes, electric vehicles, bugs n slugs, gene technology and dozens of different hands-on activities to engage all ages.

What: Science Alive – 2011
Where: Goyder Pavillion, Wayville Showgrounds
When: Friday 5th – Sunday 7th August

‘Radio and Electronics’ booth at the Science Alive 2011
For more information please refer to the Amateur Radio at Science Alive 2011 wiki page by Paul.

[PART 2] 3 element 2 meter band Yagi construction

Tonight this is the bracket I made for the SO238 socket all riveted and mounted to the boom of the Yagi. All that is left to do is make the bracket to hold the gamma matching and to fine tune the Yagi, all going well I should have it finished during the week 🙂

and yes working on the kitchen table again, hehe

3 element 2 meter band Yagi construction

This is a 3 element 2 meter band Yagi design by VK5JST that I am giving ago to make. The only difference is I am using 12mm OD round and 19mm OD square aluminum (as it what had around from another project) and I have used 3.2mm dia x 4.5mm long aluminum rivets to hold the elements to the the boom. All I have left to make is the bracket to hold the gamma rod and the bracket for the connector and drilling the holes for the v/u bolt assembly.

The pictures below are where have got thus far.

and yes that is the kitchen table I am working on, ssh don’t tell anyone. hehe

Satellite AR

Point your Android phone at the sky and see actual satellites flying overhead.

This is a nice satellite app that a friend pointed out to me. The app is surprisingly fast, and has advantages of having the camera on to help find and line up satellites.

Satellite AR

[LINK] Linux 3.X kernel

Linux 3.X kernel is here \o/

Foundation Licence Study Courses and Examinations Weekend

The two day study coarse and examination will be conducted by Paul Hoffmann (VK5PH)

Where: Glenelg Scout Hall (see map below)
When: 0900 – 1700 hrs on 16th and 17th July 2011, Upgrade examinations only around 1000 hrs the Sunday 17th

Examination – $70 ($35 for students under 18yrs old)
New licence – $66 (this is the yearly licence fee thereafter)
Licence upgrade – $41 (N/A to Foundation Students)
Callsign – $5 for the next available callsign or $20.00 to select you own callsign from those available.
Incidentals (refreshments, postage, handouts) – $10 (N/A to scouting people)

For more information contact Paul
email: vk5ph @ wia.org.au (remove the spaces)
Phone: 0418 803 177