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HORUS Balloon Repeater Flight Sun May 27th

The Project Horus team will be presenting a talk on the project at the WIA AGM to be held in Mildura over the weekend of May 25-27. The talk itself will be on the Saturday, however Sunday morning we are going to be flying the balloon repeater, APRS and telemetry payloads as well. This will give conference attendees the opportunity to see launch operations as well as the chase vehicle setups we use to run these flights.

As this flight will be launching from Mildura, it will also be the first time the balloon repeater is accessible from 5 states and 4 capital cities at the same time. The footprint will extend to cover VK1-Canberra, VK2-Sydney, VK3-Melbourne, VK5-Adelaide and the NW Coast of VK7. The window for contacts covering that footprint will only be ~30 minutes at apogee. In all, 2,000,000 sqkm of SE Australia will be able to see the balloon repeater as the footprint will extend to approximately a 1600km diameter.

Update Thursday 24 May 10:01:04 CST 2012:
The is going to be 2 HAB launches at the WIA AGM the first (Horus 26) will be at approx 8AM AEST which will have the radio repeater, the APRS tracker and the RTTY telemetry beacon on 70cm. The seconded launch (Horus 27) be approx an hour later at 9AM AEST and have video camera payload, as well as a second APRS tracker and RTTY 70cm beacon.

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