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Giveaway to Promote Youth in Amateur Radio

Amateur Radio Supplies in the USA are holding a contest January 2013 to give away a DX HF setup to promote youth in the world of Amateur Radio in any country.

Haverhill, Mass., September 24, 2012 – Amateur Radio Supplies of Haverhill, Mass., announced today a new biannual giveaway to promote youth in amateur radio DXing and contesting. “Getting on HF (high frequency) in today’s economy is very challenging for many, but especially for our youth operators,” said Jeff Demers, owner, Amateur Radio Supplies. “Many youth operators are unable to purchase the needed equipment to get on the air. Here at Amateur Radio Supplies, we want them to experience the joy that has propelled us in this hobby for many decades. Thus, on January 1, 2013, we’ll be doing the first of many station sponsorships to support youth in DXing and contesting.”

Amateur Radio Supplies will give a complete HF (high frequency) station to the selected applicant, including:

Alinco DX-SR8T/E 160-6m All Mode Transceiver & 30 Amp PS
LDG AT-100 Pro II Desktop Antenna Tuner
Choice of Rugged All Band G5RV or HyGain DX-77A Vertical 100’ of
Premium RG-213 Coax
Vibroplex Brass Racer Iambic Paddles
SignaLink USB Sound Card for Digital Modes
Heil Pro Set Plus Headset

Applicants from any country under the age of 21 are invited to provide brief answers to the following three questions, as well as their name, call sign, and license class online.

1. How often are you able to operate on the HF bands?
2. Where (what QTH) do you typically operate from?
3. How do you intend to use the equipment provided?

Further Details and Aplication forms can be found at Amateur Radio Supplies


If all goes to plan… Peter (VK3ZPF) will be activating the following three summits this weekend.

9:00 am Saturday VK3/VS-001 Mt William (2300 14/9/12 UTC)
1:00 pm Saturday VK3/VW-020 Mt Zero (0300 15/9/12 UTC)

11:00 am Sunday VK3/VW-022 Mt Araplies (0100 16/9/12 UTC)

You may find me around 3.610, 7.110, 14.190. 21.290 and 28.480 MHz.

For those interested in the Keith Roget Memorial National Parks Award Mt
William and Mt Zero are both in the Grampians National Park.

I’ll also be on air in the Little Desert National Park Saturday night and
Sunday morning, comparing vertical and inverted vee antennas on 40 m and 20m.


[EVENT] Ford Show and Shine

Here are some images from todays Ford Show and Shine held at the MVPS Museum, with guess appearance from the Major of Salisbury to hand out awards.

Firing of the 25 Pounder