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Foundation Licence Course and all levels of assessment

16th and 17th March 2013 at 9.00 am

“The Shack”, Behind Blackwood Girl Guides Hall
Hannaford Road
SA 5052

Sasi Nayar (VK5SN)
0417 858 547

refer to flier for more details


Festival of History

The Old Reynella Festival of History includes re-enactors in uniforms and historic clothing, the firing of old cannon and mock battles and huge model soldier re-enactment of the Battle of Leipzig. There will be a major street parade featuring vintage cars, old military vehicles and bands

Saturday 9th Sunday 10th March 2013

Old Reynella South Australia

Attached is a pdf explaining the whole event, the groups participating, and some the history of Old Reynella.
2013 Festival of History

Acceleration of an object

Estimate the acceleration of an object due to gravitational force.


  1. mass (weights)
  2. ticker tape
  3. ticker machine
  4. PSU
  5. tape measure
  6. sticky tape


  1. Connect sticky tape to one end the ticker taper and thread the other end through the ticker tape machine.
  2. Connect the ticker tape machine to the AC connectors on the PSU and set the PSU to ~6VAC.
  3. Connect weight (mass) to the end of the ticker tape with the sticky tape on and turn on PSU and drop mass from min. of one meter.
  4. Check for dots made by the ticker machine and pic a section of ~500mm of ticker tape and measure between the first and last dots in the section, then count up the intervals between the dots.
  5. Work out the acceleration now by doubling the intervals and divide by 100 to get a decimal value (t)

using the formula a={\frac{2s}{t^2}}

S = length of tape section