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I consider myself a geek, tinker, and a hacker, but this has nothing to do with breaking into computers. I have been using Linux on and off since 1998, but the last 5+ years it has been my primary operating system of choice and Debian my preferred distribution. Whilst teaching myself how to use Linux, I have learnt how to mostly use lightweight GUI or CLI apps, and to use the Debian Net Install CD and do a base install were from there I can install the software I want with apt-get generally starting off with the window manager (Fluxbox) and the X.org GPU drivers, as I try to keep my systems small and functional as possible.

At home I have a Acer Aspire laptop that I have set up to be my gateway/router/server with some extra stuff installed like Bitlee, Apache etc. Desktop, and netbook, of which all are running custom installs of Debian (testing) and a Wireless AP’s running Openwrt.

I have also come to be rather fond of Android, my first phone being a Huawei IDEOS of which I made a custom ROM for and got better battery life and performance out of over the default stock ROM that came with the phone, but now is supported by CM. I have since upgraded to a HTC Desire and run OxygeN AOSP ROM, but now got CM7 installed on it. My current is a Samsung Galaxy S3 LTE running CM10.1, which I am happy to say help with debugging for the developer.

I also have an interest in tinker with electronics which has me in to the hobby of Amateur (HAM) Radio, since 2011 I have helped out WICEN with communications for the Scouts RallySA. I also help by promoting Amateur Radio at events like Science Alive, and Adelaide Mini makers Faire. I am also collecting World War Two era wireless sets like the WS 122 Aust. which I am currently restoring. I am also rather fond of the clandestine sets of the era like the ‘Type A Mk III‘ and ‘Type 3 Mk II’.

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