Amateur Radio

Well I will start a little about the equipment I am running, firstly the antennas I have up is a Dual Band J-Pole for 144/430 Mhz and a multi band Fan Dipole for 80, 40, 20, 10 meter bands with bonus 15 meter band with use of an auto tuner and the 40 meter band part of the fan dipole. Both theses antennas I have built myself. I have recently have added a 1:1 Jetstream Balun to my fan dipole with no real noticeable difference. My current radios I am using is Yaesu FT-897D with LDG AT-897 auto tuner, which I have connected to my computer via CAT->Serial(CT-62) cable which I use the various bit of software for controlling the radio for balloon tracking for Project Horus with dl-fldigi, and tracking ARISSat-1 with Gpredict. and I have a Yaesu FT-270R/E 2M HT too.

Sunday mornings 0900 ACST – WIA National News, on repeater VK5RAD (147.000 MHz).
Monday evenings 2000 ACST – AHARS Club Net, on repeater VK5RAD (147.000 MHz).
Tuesday evening 3.612 Mhz +-10Khz at 2000 ACST – Boat Anchor Net
Friday evening 3.590Mhz at 2030 ACST – Bottle shop Net

Mon, Wed, Fri. 7130 Mhz at 0930 UTC – 7130 DX Net
Daily 14.183 Mhz at 1515 UTC, Saturdays 0455 UTC at 21.205 – ANZA DX Net
Daily 14.238.5 Mhz at 1200 UTC – Southern Cross DX Net
Daily 7.190 Mhz 0700 UTC – HHH Net

Debian Hams – Debian Hams team
HamSoft – Linux Software for the Hamradio Community
VK Logger – HF and VHF/UHF Prop. Logger
QTH Locator – Find your QTH locator by using GoogleMaps

Australian Space Weather Agency (IPS) – Australian Ionospheric Prediction Service

Mini-Kits – Ham Radio Kits and Components Australia
Radio and Electronics School – is a non profit organisation run by a dedicated group of volunteers located in most states of Australia

The Wireless Institute of Australia – Amateur Radio Union and represents all Amateur Radio Operators rights in Australia
WICEN SA – The Wireless Institute Civil Emergency Network, South Australia Division.
Ham College

Buy and Sell:
VK Classifieds – VK Ham Buy and Sell

Linux in the Ham Shack – Linux, Open Source and Ham Radio for Everyone

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