HF-band conditions

HF-band conditions (updated hourly)

Below is monthly HF forcast for various bands, the images are generated by myself with the aid of HamCap program by Alex Shovkoplyas, VE3NEA.

The model used for computing the data is:
Antenna = Dipole @35ft for TX/RX
TX Power = 10W
DX QTH = 0°N 0°W

Note: This data is computed more for my own use, but I have made it available for others, and is really only any use for people in the Adelaide area

Below images are generated by IPS Radio and Space Services
T index

This image shows the DIFFERENCE between current OBSERVED HOURLY conditions and PREDICTED MONTHLY conditions for the Australian region. The colours blue, green, yellow, red, correspond to “enhanced”, “normal”, “mildly depressed” and “depressed” conditions respectively. Depressions and enhancements are with respect to the IPS predicted monthly T index for that month.


HAP – Adelaide

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