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[LINK] VK CW Beginners Net

VK CW Beginners Net will be on 30th October 2012 at 0930 UTC on 7255 kHz, so make your first CW contacts while you learn morse code.

[Link] First “Squeeze”-based Debian Edu version released

The Debian Edu Team is pleased to announce the release of Debian Edu “Squeeze” 6.0.4+r0! Debian Edu (aka “Skolelinux”) is a Debian Pure Blend specifically targeted at schools and educational institutions, and provides a completely configured school network environment out of the box. It covers PXE installation, PXE booting for diskless machines, and setup for a school server, for stationary workstations, and for workstations that can be taken away from the school network. Several educational applications like Celestia, Dr. Geo, GCompris, GeoGebra, Kalzium, KGeography and Solfege are included in the default desktop setup.

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[LINK] Bully Block – Take a Stand Against Bullying

It finally nice to see an application that is trying to help against bullying in the workplace, school etc. I have not tried this application out but it looks to be a worthwhile application to try out if your children are being bullied, or you have an abusive spouse.

The Bully Block app allows users to covertly record verbal threats and harassment, block inappropriate texts and pictures (e.g. sexting), and utilize auto respond features. Unlike other apps on the market, Bully Block blocks bullies that utilize private or unknown numbers to engage in cyberbullying. Bully Block also has instant reporting features that allow the user to email or text abusive behavior to parents, teachers, HR departments, and law enforcement. All audio, messages, and calls are stored on the phone SD card.

Normally this is a paid application but for now it is free on XDA.

[LINK] OxygeN 2.2.2 Released

Added black theme option to Messaging (requested by alot of users)
Added HD video recording to Camera (only for the SGS II at this time)
Added many new options to the Camera (courtesy of CM and CAF)
Added SMS split option to Messaging (this is to help users on CDMA networks)
Fixed Launcher2, now restarts on theme change
Fixed pinch-to-zoom in Gallery3D on the HTC Desire (may help with other older devices also)
Merged OxygenSettings into Settings
Reverted back to the old Android Market (the newer one was causing lots of problems for users)

Device specific changelog
New kernels for the HTC Desire range courtesy of thalamus

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[LINK] Google Purchases Motorola Mobility

More recently, Motorola stepped once again into the Google limelight with the introduction of the Xoom, Google’s flagship Honeycomb tablet. Despite an ambitious launch, even the Xoom could not escape Motorola’s flawed support system with advertised features and upgrades taking months to arrive. In the wake of news that Motorola once again seems to be going under (losses of $56 million in this year’s second quarter have been reported, indicating a return to the pre-Droid dark ages), the company lashed out and threatened to fire IP lawsuits at fellow Android manufacturers, a move which had the potential to severely cripple the platform.

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[LINK] Android 2.4/4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich leaked

Google’s upcoming phone/tablet Android version called ‘Ice Cream Sandwich’.

Some features of ICS that we know (from our source and speculation):

Blue Themed – Like our site (Change theme on bottom)
Camera has built in panorama mode
Will launch with Google Shopper and NFC Enabled devices will be able to utilize those features
Gmail is all re themed
Will be available for the Nexus S
Nexus Prime gets it first (expected) then other devices will follow after
Not too many changes, just UI things, don’t think requirements are set too high for year old devices to run it
The little icon in the bottom right, looks like a tray with multiple apps in it
Google search bar embedded on very top like Honeycomb
Apps/Widgets launcher a lot like Honeycomb
This release is still very early, notice the theming of the power tray

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[LINK] A Trojan spying on your conversations

Here is another example to why one should check the permission(s) of an application(s) before installing on ones Android device.

In one of our earlier blogs, we have demonstrated how a Trojan logs all the details of incoming/outgoing calls and call duration in a text file. This Trojan is more advanced as it records the conversation itself in “amr” format. Also it has got many other malicious activities that we have seen in many of the earlier malware incidents targeted for Android platform.

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[LINK] Linux 3.X kernel

Linux 3.X kernel is here \o/

[LINK] tronixstuff

This site is well worth the look over and read, lot of info, code and reviews etc to do with Arduino and electronics.

click on over and check it out – tronixstuff