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[UPDATE] VK5 Repeaters page

Tonight did some updating to the VK5 Repeaters page, if you find any mistake in the data provided on the page please let me know by making a comment post to this blog.

Happy Holidays

I’d like to wish you all a happy holidays and happy new year for 2013. Please take care, and enjoy your great hobbies.

1768 ft guided tower climb

These guys must be absolutely nuts, or very well paid, or both. either way great video of a tower climb.

Buyer Beware

Today I got an email from a place that I ordered a Raspberry PI from over the weekend, about that ‘the credit card payment for my order has been declined’ ok so rang them up to find out what was going on, while on the phone the lady processed the credit card again couple more times and it was declined both times after confirming details with her. Out of interest I asked her how much the order was and she said $51.40AUD, and she suggest that I contacted my bank to find out what was going on.

Well spoke to the bank and the bank said there was no restrictions on my Visa debit and she refreshed my account to make sure it was showing positive funds, which it was.

So rang the company back (and got different lady from the first time) about my order and said the bank refreshed my account to make sure it was showing positive funds etc. She tried to process the credit card and it declined also gave her the details and the credit card declined again. Out of interest again I asked her how much are you trying to debit and she say $61.80AUD, I am like WTF why has the price gone up since what was invoiced to me over the weekend? (which was $56.05AUD) She reply we hold a reserve amount for postage in case it bulky or have to package a special way, but the order is still only going to cost you $51.40AUD, but you need $61.80AUD in your Visa debit. After some disgruntled words with the lady about them should knowing the weight of item etc they posting and the cost related to it I canceled my order with them.

So moral of the story beware of who you’re dealing with, even big reputable companies have strange ways of dealing with purchases and thanks to Visa Debit system for helping making online purchases little safer.

Still Alive and kicking

Thought is was about time that I wrote a bit of a post even though I not have any how to etc to post.

Well to start of wit I am still alive and kicking, just been busy with what life got to throw at me like packing up and moving into new place and doing renovation stuff. I have still got to get radios and stuff setup and on the air, I am really missing getting up on the 40m band and chasing the DX as the conditions permit.

I have been out doing event stuff like the Scouts RallySA with WICEN at the end July. you can view some the images I took here in my gallery.

This month will be helping out with the Remembrance Day Contest with EARC at the Science Alive event at Wayville showgrounds.

Well this little of what have been up to of late, hope to get settled into the new place soon and get back to normal tinkering with stuff like my WS 122 that I am slowly still been collecting parts for and restoring, you can see the progress to that in my gallery.

WS122 Aust. Parts List

This is a part list of parts I am looking for for my WS122 restoration project to get it back on the air again and being able to take and use at military reenactment related events.

If you have and/or know where theses parts are it be great to know and to hear from you to source via the contact page

* 1D5GP – acquired
* 1C7G – acquired
* 1H6G – acquired
* 1F5G – acquired
* 6U7G – aquired
* 6N7GT – acquired
* 807 – aquired

* Valve Spares box – acquired
* 12V vibrator can (will have a ZAA 9900 on top the can) – acquired
* Aluminum front panel protection cages for PSU and wireless set
* PSU 1A – acquired
* morse key
* headset and mic
* relay protection cover – acquired
* belly plate for wireless set – acquired
* earth spring-loaded knob – acquired
* signal satchel – acquired
* suitable paddle knobs – aquired awa paddle knobs as suitable replacement

a wreak of a WS122 set be great to for parts, as still need headset drop leads etc for my wireless set.

and I will be updating my progress with the wireless set here:

updated Thursday 3 May 23:48:42 CST 2012
updated Tuesday 29 May 23:28:43 CST 2012 – gallery been updated too. and the receiver working, but still needs work though.

New Gallery Added

I have add a new gallery of the WS122 Aust. to show the restoration progress of the wireless set I am restoring.

The WS122 Aust is a 1945 built wireless set based on the British No. 22 wireless. The WS122 is a C.W, M.C.W, R/T unit and puts out about 10-20 Watts on 2-8MHz (150-37m bands). The set could be used in a couple of variations, ground station, vehicle station, or manpack station (this to 3 people). The set was built primarily in Melbourne by ‘Radio Corp’, but parts the set was built at ‘National Radio’ in Adelaide.


Updated HF-band conditions page

I have added a more localized to Adelaide for DX progration forcasts.

New Gallery Added

Added two new galleries of the Kangaroos that crossed over the property early the other morning, and of the Kookaburra that was singing in the tree today.

Added new page

Add SWR/Return Loss Conversion under Amateur Radio heading