Coax bulkhead

For the last week or so in my spare time I have been working on a coax bulkhead for my window for my coax runs to go too and throw form the window without letting the bad weather and bugs outside.

Hardware used:
* IP65 ABS sealed boxes
* SO259 panel mounts
* RG213 coax (mil spec)
* various nuts and bolts
* length of timber

About 30AUD and spare time and cans of drink 😉

head over to my gallery and check out the images

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  1. 6:59, Saturday, January 28, 2012Leigh VK2KRR  / Reply

    Hi Dale, very tidy installation, well done.

    • 18:06, Sunday, January 29, 2012Dale  / Reply

      Thanks Leigh 🙂

      I have added a final image for now to the gallery showing the station earth arrangement I have done and a foot note to the image explaining it.

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