Custom HTC Desire ROM/Recovery/Radio

First off you can find the full HTC Desire specifications here on the HTC web site

My HTC Desire Currently:
Device: HTC Desire A8183
ROM: OxygeN v2.0.1
Recovery: RA-desire v2.0.1
HBOOT: 0.93.1 S-OFF AlphaRev OxygeN Table
Storage: Sandisk 8GB SDHC Class 4

So your probably wondering what I have done to my HTC Desire?
Upgraded to a custom HBOOT so could have S-OFF (security off) to disable NAND security on /system /recovery for example, so can install updated radio and custom NAND partitions. All this is done by a little LiveCD called AlphaRev After that I optimised the NAND partitioning for the OxygeN ROM.

Installed custom recovery to allow me to install custom ROMs. The Recovery I am using is RA-desire by Amon_RA

The ROM I have been using since I have got the phone is by AdamG and it is a AOSP (Android Open Source Project) ROM called OxygeN, and I have been using it since version 2.0-RC6.

I have made my own custom splash1 image, which it the first splash screen you see before it goes into the animated boot screen.

You can download a copy of it from the link below
MD5 7a20627fda89f4031718a8c2997b785a htc-android.bmp.img

From the bootloader:
Flash like the following example: ‘fastboot flash splash1 htc-android.bmp.img‘.

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