Holden Airship

Today the Holden Airship went over my place and I was able to get a couple pictures of it

Click on the links to see the pictures
Holden Airship 01 Holden Airship 02 Holden Airship 03

To see the Specifications of the Holden Airship

Overall Specifications
Type: A-170 (Lightship)
Length: 54.3 metres
Height: 16.8 metres
Width: 14.0 metres
Maximum volume: 4,822,285 litres
Maximum lift: 5,584 kg
Fuel Quantity: 673 litres

Gondola Specifications
Length: 8.0 metres (cabin 5.5 metres)
Height: 3.3 metres (cabin 2.0 metres)
Width: 6.2 metres (cabin 1.5 metres)
Camera: Mounting to accommodate gyrostabilized camera.
Capabilities: Television and video photography.

914 inch Screen (measured diagonally)
Length: 21.3 metres
Height: 9.1 metres
LEDs: 369,600

Lifting gas: Approx 5 million litres of helium
Passenger capacity: 5 plus pilot
Cruise Speed: 74 km/h
Maximum Speed: 84 km/h
Power: Twin Lycoming IO-360-B1G6 with constant-speed variable-pitch reversible propellers
Fuel Consumption: 91 litres per hour at Cruise Speed
Range: 400 km
Endurance: 7.5 hours at Cruise Speed.
Max rate of climb: 425 metres per minute
Max rate of descent: 485 metres per minute
Electrical system: Two 200 amp alternators
Flight Configuration: Day/night, VFR/IFR
Crew: 19 overall ground and flight crew including crew chief, port noseline, starboard noseline, gondola crew and camera operator.

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