HTC Desire Battery Life [part 2]

This just an update of my testing of different Radio ROMs to see what has given me the best battery life, this is what is working for me and I can’t guarantee others will get the same performance

Always running is:
3G Wireless / auto connect to WiFi points
ZDbox – update every 60 sec
Beautiful Widgets – update every hour
System Info Widget – update every 60 sec
Telstra Usage – update every 6 hours

As you can see from the screenshot bit over 4.5 days and still 10% battery life left.

The radio I am using is (RECOMMENDED by AdamG) as apparently Adam has included the RIL for that version too, and of course running the OxygeN 2.0.1 ROM.

For the people that use SetCPU in the images below you can see how I have it setup on my Desire


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