Intel quits ‘One Laptop Per Child’ scheme

American computer chip maker Intel has withdrawn from a project aimed at giving millions of cheap laptop computers to children in developing countries.

Intel says it has ended its involvement because the board of the One Laptop Per Child project wants the firm to stop promoting rival machines.

The laptop is designed to be rugged enough to cope with conditions in developing countries.

ABC News

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  1. 0:35, Wednesday, February 13, 2008CoderForLife  / Reply

    Was Intel’s involvement predicted on OLTP lock-in? I could see that while supporting the vision/goal, they wouldn’t necessarily want to support only one particular initiative in achieving it. If you want to be assured of winning something at the racetrack, it’s better to bet on more than one horse,

  2. 0:36, Wednesday, February 13, 2008CoderForLife  / Reply

    er, OLPC

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