Karl from ITShare volunteering in PNG

Karl has been volunteering in PNG for couple weeks now to help setup 120 odd PC’s in local hospital in Goroka that ITShare have donated to them. All the computer have Linux installed on them and Karl is over there to help setup the network and servers etc for the hospital. There is some pictures up on the web of how things are going over there with the unloading of the 40 foot shipping container couple days ago that left Adelaide for Goroka a couple months ago, and the setup of some the computers and Karl teaching a couple the locals.

Goroka Hospital IT Office + Business Resource Center (BRC) Pictures

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  1. 14:53, Monday, August 13, 2007Andrew S  / Reply

    Cool to see these things happening. One of the best things about open source is being able to help out those who would otherwise be unable to afford it. Go open source!

  2. 22:52, Monday, August 20, 2007siccness  / Reply

    Big man Kampaz! Hurry up and get back to Australia, enjoy a few beers over IP. BoIP baby!

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