[LINK] Bully Block – Take a Stand Against Bullying

It finally nice to see an application that is trying to help against bullying in the workplace, school etc. I have not tried this application out but it looks to be a worthwhile application to try out if your children are being bullied, or you have an abusive spouse.

The Bully Block app allows users to covertly record verbal threats and harassment, block inappropriate texts and pictures (e.g. sexting), and utilize auto respond features. Unlike other apps on the market, Bully Block blocks bullies that utilize private or unknown numbers to engage in cyberbullying. Bully Block also has instant reporting features that allow the user to email or text abusive behavior to parents, teachers, HR departments, and law enforcement. All audio, messages, and calls are stored on the phone SD card.

Normally this is a paid application but for now it is free on XDA.

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