[LINK] Telstra, Optus to start censoring the web next month

I wonder how long it will take till they are going to push this censoring and legitimate sites they deem inappropriate and get filtered. I guess they think if no one complains, they can add more to it at a later date and block more sites and stuff till someone does complain about the filtering. And this filter in my honest opinion is for the computer illiterate and the parents that are to lazy to keep an eye on there children whilst on the computer or to have the computer in a family area to better keep an eye on the children’s doings on the computer and the internet.

MOST Australian internet users will have their web access censored next month after the country’s two largest internet providers agreed to voluntarily block more than 500 websites from view. Telstra and Optus confirmed they would block access to a list of child abuse websites provided by the Australian Communications and Media Authority and more compiled by unnamed international organisations from mid-year.

But internet experts have warned that the scheme is merely a “feel-good policy” that will not stop criminals from accessing obscene material online and could block websites unfairly.

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