Me TV 0.4.4 Released

We’ve uploaded a new version, Me TV 0.4.4 to ( This should fix the “umlaut” issue however I’m not certain that it wasn’t caused by GtkHTML > 3.8. The following is a just a quick scrawling describing the changes.

* I accidentally left the auto-scan feature enabled in 0.4.3. It doesn’t work so I’ve removed it in 0.4.4.

* The EPG thread will now clear out events from the epg.xml that don’t have a channel. This was a real issue for those that have decided to remove a channel in the past. The UI use to throw error messages at you, now it just deletes offending events in the epg.xml.

* We’ve added a few more values to the channels.conf parser which are valid values for channels.conf. w_scan was outputting values that we didn’t recognize. That problem should be fixed now.

* There have also been a lot of updates to the packaging of the application in response to REVU.

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