Software Freedom Day 2007 events around South Australia


There are more SFD events being held around South Australia this year which is great news as there were 2 inaugural events last year at Mawson Lakes, and Hallett Cove.

Here is a list of the events being held this year.

Software Freedom Showcase
Located at the Mawson Centre, Mawson Lakes, the event will build on last years success.


* One Laptop Per Child presentation and demonstration
* Ubuntu CD giveaway
* Community Open Source Projects

More details available soon.

If you would like to participate, please please contact: Paul Schulz (

The Generals Lounge :: Adelaide Linux Meet-up Group
Will have all 20 computers running various distributions of the Linux Operating System for all to come and play with, we’ll be showing off our group project and also a number of personal projects.

We’ll be hosting a Linux LAN, multiplayer gaming on Linux powered PC’s!

Free Linux CD’s to give away (Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Fedora, Flight Gear Live and more)

Tea, Coffee and Milo supplied

members from the Adelaide Linux Meetup Group will be on hand to answer your Linux Related Questions.

More details will be posted here as we get them.

Location: The Generals Lounge, Internet and Wargaming Cafe, shop 5-503 Goodwood Road Colonel Light Gardens (over the road from Barnacle Bills in the Blockbuster Building) Time: 9:00am – 6:00pm Saturday 16 September 2006 Contact: The Generals Lounge (08) 8277 6155

The Copley Crew
Way over the far side of the Flinders Ranges lies the crazy little town of Copley. Population ~160. Towards the back of the town lies the Aroona Community Centre, containing a computer room filled with computers running Edubuntu.

For SFD we are going to have a public BBQ showcasing what people have managed to create / learn / discover with the computers over the past 12 months.

* Digital photos of community events
* Screening of the ‘Kids From Copley’ music video
* Kids showing parents / teachers the coolest application they’ve found
* Hopefully the enveiling of the Community Website

Everything done involving FreeSoftware!

Mount Gambier
Showing open source software and information at Grant High School Mt Gambier.

For more info to what is happening view the sfd-poster.pdf

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