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Slimming Asterisk 1.6.2 setup under Debian

This is more just more to show little how I have configured my Asterisk set up and slimmed it down to use the minimal modules needed.

My Needs
– SIP calls between my IP phone and Softphone
– Incoming/Outgoing calls through a SIP Provider
– Echo test to make sure audio is working
– Music On Hold (moh)
– Date and Time

Hardware Setup
– 12V fanless Mini ITX @ 533MHz (VIA Samuel 2) & 512MB RAM
– 10/100 Switch + WiFi AP
– Nortel 2002 IP Phone (NTDU91)
– Softphones
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How to: Asterisk 1.6.2 and Nortel 2002 IP Phone (NTDU91)

Nortel 2002 IP Phone (NTDU91)
This is a channel driver for the UNISTIM (Unified Networks IP Stimulus) protocol. It provides UNISTIM server services that you can use to drive Nortel 2002 IP phone.

The following features are supported:

    Threeway call
    Call Forward
    Message Waiting Indication (MWI)
    Distinctive ring
    Call History
    Send/Receive CallerID
    (Dynamic) SoftKeys
    Music On Hold 

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Howto: Asterisk and Opensource implementation of G.729 codec

You might still have to pay royalty fees to the G.729 patent holders for using their algorithm

With Asterisk when you place a call or receive a call you’ll get a warning about translation from ulaw to g729.
For example:

[Dec 16 09:48:56] WARNING[1143]: channel.c:2811 set_format: Unable to find a codec translation path from ulaw to g729

With little googling I found out this is rather easy problem to fix.

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Howto: Asterisk 1.4.21 connection to VoIP Provider under Debian

Lots of caffeine
Long finger nails (they will be short by the end)
Needing a hair cut (might be bald by the end)

Note: I am just joking about the prerequisites, I found it hard to get stuff right cause a lot of howtos out there are bit vague and cryptic. So here is my attempt to make it a bit easier for others to setup Asterisk and connect to a VoIP provider.

What is Asterisk:

Asterisk is software that turns an ordinary computer into a voice communications server. Asterisk is the world’s most powerful and popular telephony development tool-kit. It is used by small businesses, large businesses, call centers, carriers and governments worldwide. Asterisk is open source and is available free to all under the terms of the GPL.

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