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EARC Crystal set compitition

Last night the 19th Dec. the EARC had its tech night at The National Military Vehicle Museum at Edinburgh Parks and here are some the images from the night Crystal Receiver judging. The prize was donated by Aztronics which was a solder fume extractor that was won by Chris VK5ZST.

I also like to give a big thanks for Paul VK5VCO who arrange the crystal receiver comp, the prize, and the doing the judging. Also a big thanks to the Military Vehicle Preservation Society (MVPS) for the Museum tour and venue for the crystal set judging. And also big thanks to all that entered comp and turned up for the night.

Enjoy the pics I took from the night

Spring VHF/UHF Contest

EARC testing for the upcoming spring VHF/UHF contest.

Science Alive 2012

I have added a gallery of some the pictures I took while I was at Science Alive from Thursday to Sunday at the Wayville Showgrounds. Thursday was setup day for the 3 day event with Friday set a side for the high school children. I was a part for the Electronics and Communication, and Hackerspace stalls.

It was a great event and ran rather smoothly, we had a lot more interest in the Amateur Radio side of things this year compared to last year. and the Reprap 3D printers of hackerspace were a hoot with the public aswell.

This is a quick video of an AR Drone that one of the people part of our stalls bought in.