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[LINK] Android violates Linux license, experts claim

Google’s Android mobile operating system’s usage of the Linux kernel may violate open source licensing with a misappropriation of Linux code that could bring about the “collapse of the Android ecosystem,” some intellectual property experts are charging.

The Linux issue is a separate one and no lawsuits have apparently been filed. But a few intellectual property watchers have written analyses that call into question Android’s use of Linux code licensed under GPL version 2.

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Duck Duck Go

Well yesterday when I was stuffing around with my mobile phone I was doing update etc I looked to see what was new in the fdroid repository and stumbled across a new search engine called ‘Duck Duck Go‘ and go by the motto ‘We don’t track you!‘, which I found rather interesting as who doesn’t want to track you in this digital age. Anyways I have started to use Duck Duck Go (DDG) as my prefer search engine for awhile to see how they are as I am sort of getting annoyed with Google(but that another story).

What is DuckDuckGo?
DuckDuckGo is a search engine. Use it to get way more instant answers, way less spam, real privacy and we believe a much better overall search experience. See our about page for more.

Do you track me, i.e. can my searches be tied to me?
No – we do not store any personal information, e.g. IP addresses or user agents: see our privacy policy for details. We also have an encrypted (SSL) version, two non-JS versions (HTML & lite), a Tor hidden service (about), several privacy settings (including POST & RefControl), and we allow you to use URL parameters instead of cookies to store settings.

Read more about there above quoted information here

There plug-ins available for Firefox etc here, and the Android DDG search bar is available here

Apps I use on my HTC Desire

This is a list of some the applications I have installed on my HTC Desire and were I have downloaded them from.

From the Android Market

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Slimming Your Android Install

I did this on my HTC Desire running OxygeN 2.0 RC7 ROM, and requires you have a root access to the ROM, and have a knowledge of adb from Android SDK install. As this just a quick how to I am not going to go into how to connect your phone etc, I sure you can Google that info.

Before we start remember to do a NAND backup

YOU are choosing to make these modifications, and if you point the finger at me for messing up your device, I will laugh at you.
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Oxygen v2.0 (Gingerbread, totally clean and hack free)

OxygeN 2.0 Finally has been released over the weekend

About Oxygen
Oxygen ROM is an AOSP source built ROM (ie. not a mod of any sense based ROM), it’s minimal, it’s superfast and mostly bugfree.

As Oxygen is not a mod/port of any HTC/CyanogenMod or any other ROM and may not be to everyones liking, it’s minimalistic and basic but I’m open to ideas and suggestions for improving the ROM.

Android v2.3.3 (GRI40) built from AOSP
Linux kernel v2.6.37.1
Minimal Google apps

Additional features
Adhoc wifi network support
Advanced power menu with reboot options
Customizable browser user agent
Customizable light settings
Customizable status bar power widget
Download any file type
Full screen browser option
Improved widget picker
Long press back to kill mod (must be activated in Settings)
Optional battery percentage
Various other tweaks and features


Android Free Software (FOSS)

Here is a couple lists of software for Android-based phones that have GPL, Apache, license etc. cause the Android Market doesn’t allow users to easily filter applications based on their license status.

AndroidFreeSoftware – Le Wiki Koumbit
List of open source Android applications – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

And there is the F-Droid Repository of easily installable FOSS apps

Feel free to comment on sites that may have more comprehensive list of FOSS applications for Android base phones

LINK: Jonathan Oxer on CH7’s Sunrise

Jonathan Oxer (ex Linux Australia President) was on the channel 7’s Sunrise program yesterday morning showing off his technological house.

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Download the segment via torrent here

LINK: Meet Australia’s geekiest geek

This is a great article about Jonathan Oxer, whose entire house is connected to a central computer and can be controlled remotely via a computer or mobile phone.

Teeming with technology, the abode conjures up images of The Jetsons but, much to the surprise of visitors, the house looks no less ordinary than a typical suburban dwelling. Wires, switches and gizmos are concealed, true to Oxer’s philosophy of “having everything work invisibly”.

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View the Photo Gallery here

BarCamp Adelaide

ITShare SA will be hosting a BarCamp on Sunday 16th of March.

When: Sunday 16th of March 10:30am onwards
Where: ITShare Workshop, Mount Barker Road Bridge Water

Your invited to bring any projects you are currently working on and tell people about them, or just look at what other people have brought along. There is a BBQ at the hall, so feel free to bring along food and drinks. Power and Internet access are available on site.

LINK: Waugh Partners win 2007 NSW Pearcey Award

First off I like to say congratulations to you both and keep up the great work. 🙂

Sydney-based open source research and consulting firm Waugh Partners has won this year’s State Pearcey Award for Young Achievers for its work educating the ICT sector about free software.

Waugh Partners directors Pia and Jeff Waugh received the award, which for the first time was presented to two people, instead of an individual.

To read the rest of the article: http://www.computerworld.com.au/index.php?id=1630780103&eid=-219