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[Part 3] ALSA Speech Compression and FT-857D

This is an update of my previous post

As testing goes on, the .asoundrc file is getting more complexed in its setup. This is where we are up to now, we have 2 profiles going for ‘local’ and ‘DX’ and we select between the profiles by running in terminal


$ arecord -B 12000 -D local_eq_ -r 44100 -f S16_LE | aplay -B 12000 -D ladcomp


$ arecord -B 12000 -D dx_eq_ -r 44100 -f S16_LE | aplay -B 12000 -D ladcomp

And now for the dreaded .asoundrc file.
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[Part 2] ALSA Speech Compression and FT-857D

This is an update of my prevous post

VK2MEV and myself have been working on better compression and equilisation to use with the FT-857D and our hardware. we have since changed from swh-plugins to the plugin we are currently using is the tap-plugins which seems to do compression and equilisation a lot better that the latter.
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[Part 2] ALSA Speech Compression and FT-857D

This is just an update from my older post. I have built an isolation box to use between the computer and the FT-857D which at the moment only consists of two 3K 1:1 audio transformers and 500K trimpot to not over load the radios audio input on the data port. I have still got to add the optocoupler into the box so can get the computer to control the PTT via the data port too.

At the moment there has been no noticeable different in the audio quality with the isolation transformers inline, and the compressed audio still sounds good 🙂

ALSA Speech Compression and FT-857D

Well friend and I have been playing around with speech compression as the FT-857D on it own does not have the best DSP. As my friend is keeping a better log of it all and how to set up up on the Raspberry Pi head on over to VK2MEV’s site and check it out.

I have the speech compression running on my computer rather than the raspberry pi at the present moment for testing purposes, but will get around to setting it up on the raspberry pi at later date.

My setup consists of:
Creative Sound Blaster Play USB Dongle
Heil Pro Set Elite
Necessary cabling to connect between the data port on the FT-857D and the USB dongle and headset

Yaesu FT-857/897 DSP and Carrier Point Settings

Menu 46 DSP High Pass filter Default at 100. Set that to 200 to 300 on the low-end

Menu 48 DSP Mic Equalizer

Press and hold in the [DSP] key for one second. This instantly activates Menu Mode No-048 [DSP MIC EQ].
Rotate the DIAL to select one of the following equalization choices: OFF: Microphone Equalization Off
LPF: High Cut (lower frequencies are emphasized)
HPF: Low Cut (higher frequencies are emphasized)
BOTH: High/Low Cut (mid-range frequencies are emphasized)
When you have made your selection, press and hold in the [FUNC] key for one second to save the new setting and exit to normal operation.

You also have menus 016 Carrier Balance -300 to +300 LSB Transmit and 018 Carrier Balance -300 to +300 USB Transmit Adjusting these controls will give you more low response or high response. As always listen to your test signal through headphones connected to a second receiver. You will hear the balance that will please you.

As always study the operation guide for further information.

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Audio processing and ALC in the FT-897D