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Yaesu FT-857/897 DSP and Carrier Point Settings

Menu 46 DSP High Pass filter Default at 100. Set that to 200 to 300 on the low-end

Menu 48 DSP Mic Equalizer

Press and hold in the [DSP] key for one second. This instantly activates Menu Mode No-048 [DSP MIC EQ].
Rotate the DIAL to select one of the following equalization choices: OFF: Microphone Equalization Off
LPF: High Cut (lower frequencies are emphasized)
HPF: Low Cut (higher frequencies are emphasized)
BOTH: High/Low Cut (mid-range frequencies are emphasized)
When you have made your selection, press and hold in the [FUNC] key for one second to save the new setting and exit to normal operation.

You also have menus 016 Carrier Balance -300 to +300 LSB Transmit and 018 Carrier Balance -300 to +300 USB Transmit Adjusting these controls will give you more low response or high response. As always listen to your test signal through headphones connected to a second receiver. You will hear the balance that will please you.

As always study the operation guide for further information.

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Audio processing and ALC in the FT-897D

Yaesu FT-897D and double SSB problem

Last couple weeks I have a had a problem with my 897D doing double SSB on RX and TX. Last night I was looking around for a firmware update for the 897D to see if that might fix my problem as I have tried other things like full CPU reset on the rig etc.

Well I found the page below in my travels and it had reference to relay cleaning by hold down the UP and DWN keys and powering the rig ON will start the cleaning of the relays and display CLEANING RELAYS on the screen. The great news is that this little unknown trick to me has fixed my double SSB problem 🙂