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Android 3D Gallery not loading albums or images

I have seen other out there that are having problems with Androids 3D Gallery with it not loading albums or images etc. and there is a lot of conjecture to how to fix the problem with workarounds like removing the ‘com.cooliris.media‘ directory in ‘/sdcard/Android/data‘ or moving all your images in ‘/sdcard/DCIM/Camera‘ to ‘/sdcard/DCIM‘ or rebooting the phone.

Well I got pissed with doing this when 3D Gallery decides to be a pita so I just installed QuickPic and have not looked back, QuickPic is lightweight and faster IMHO than 3G Gallery.

ZDbox – All in One Toolbox for Android v1.3 released

V1.3 Changlog:

  • Add 2 widgets( one tap operation)
  • Add vibrate mode in “Do not disturb”
  • Optimize traffic data refresh in notification area
  • Fixed app crash bugs

ZDbox is in Google Market now!
U can search it in Google Market with the key words “zdbox”
If you like ZDbox, please rate it in Google Market and share it with your good friends.


HTC Desire Battery Life [part 2]

This just an update of my testing of different Radio ROMs to see what has given me the best battery life, this is what is working for me and I can’t guarantee others will get the same performance

Always running is:
3G Wireless / auto connect to WiFi points
ZDbox – update every 60 sec
Beautiful Widgets – update every hour
System Info Widget – update every 60 sec
Telstra Usage – update every 6 hours

As you can see from the screenshot bit over 4.5 days and still 10% battery life left.

The radio I am using is (RECOMMENDED by AdamG) as apparently Adam has included the RIL for that version too, and of course running the OxygeN 2.0.1 ROM.

For the people that use SetCPU in the images below you can see how I have it setup on my Desire


ZDbox – All in One Toolbox for Android

I have been using this App since it first turned up on XDA Developers forum.

It has some nice features:

  • APP Lock
  • Battery Info
  • DnD
  • Task Killer
  • APP Manager
  • 2G/3G Traffic

Even though this App is still in beta at the moment it shows a lot of promise to be a very nice all in one toolbox app. I recommend checking it out, as it has made my life little easier.

As they say a picture speaks a 1000 words so I have attached some images of ZDbox 1.2.63 Beta on my HTC Desire running OxygeN 2.0.1

Apps I use on my HTC Desire

This is a list of some the applications I have installed on my HTC Desire and were I have downloaded them from.

From the Android Market

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Custom HTC Desire ROM/Recovery/Radio

First off you can find the full HTC Desire specifications here on the HTC web site

My HTC Desire Currently:
Device: HTC Desire A8183
ROM: OxygeN v2.0.1
Recovery: RA-desire v2.0.1
HBOOT: 0.93.1 S-OFF AlphaRev OxygeN Table
Storage: Sandisk 8GB SDHC Class 4
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HTC Desire Battery Life

I done a clean install a couple days ago of OxygeN 2.0.1, and to be honest I am getting better battery life than with RC7

Always running is:
3G Wireless
ZDbox – update every 60 sec
Beautiful Widgets – update every hour
System Info Widget – update every 60 sec
Telstra Usage – update every 6 hours

I am sitting on 50% battery usage @ 1 day 8 hours on battery, with above apps etc running and making odd phone calls/sms’s, updates, Facebook, IRC, etc etc.

The only thing I did to prep the battery was fully charge the phone to 100% and rebooted into recovery while still connected to the charger and wiped the battery stats and rebooted the phone and disconnected it from the charger.

Hope this info is some help
enjoy 🙂

Android 2.3.3 screenshots without root

Changes in the Android 2.3.3 Gingerbread source will allow applications to take screenshots without rooting your phone.

By what I can tell by the screenshots it like like it just a MS Windows only app at the moment and us Linux and Mac users will have to settle for using the SDK or rooting our phones and using apps like ShootMe (Screen Grabber) or PicMe (Screen Grabber)


Slimming Your Android Install

I did this on my HTC Desire running OxygeN 2.0 RC7 ROM, and requires you have a root access to the ROM, and have a knowledge of adb from Android SDK install. As this just a quick how to I am not going to go into how to connect your phone etc, I sure you can Google that info.

Before we start remember to do a NAND backup

YOU are choosing to make these modifications, and if you point the finger at me for messing up your device, I will laugh at you.
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