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LINK: Farmer gives low-cost laptop a proper field test

FROM his hot, dusty, locust-plagued property in the NSW outback, a software engineer who goes by the name Quozl is doing his bit to help educate 1.5 billion of the world’s poorest children.

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Intel quits ‘One Laptop Per Child’ scheme

American computer chip maker Intel has withdrawn from a project aimed at giving millions of cheap laptop computers to children in developing countries.

Intel says it has ended its involvement because the board of the One Laptop Per Child project wants the firm to stop promoting rival machines.

The laptop is designed to be rugged enough to cope with conditions in developing countries.

ABC News

LINK: Laptop Project Enlivens Peruvian Hamlet

Doubts about whether poor, rural children really can benefit from quirky little computers evaporate as quickly as the morning dew in this hilltop Andean village, where 50 primary school children got machines from the One Laptop Per Child project six months ago.

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LINK: OLPC according to a 9yo

What will a child in the UK make of a laptop designed to help children in the developing world?

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Joel Stanley’s OLPC talk in Romania

When Joel told us that he was heading / on his way to Romania to talk about the OLPC at the Romanian IT conference. Joel said that there might be a streaming of his talk on there web site. Well I could not find it the day he was having the talk, but I have just found a copy of the talk here on olpc.tv

OLPC on SBS World News

Last night (25th Sept. 2007) on TV the OLPC was on SBS World News in Australia. Here is the the footage I recorded from the news.

You can download the high res ogg version from here (57.1 MB (59869061 bytes)) or you can download the avi I uploaded to YouTube from here (8.8 MB (9218038 bytes))

Creative Commons music in the $100 laptop

Below quoted is what was forwarded on to me by a friend, it was emailed to him from Jamendo in there August newsletter.

We are also delighted to announce a partnership with the One Laptop per Child association OLPC to bring a selection of Creative Commons music to their $100 laptops. For us, it makes sense to help OLPC because their laptop is an excellent way to extend the music sharing values we defend to the developing countries.

Now, it is possible for each member of the jamendo community to create one or more special playlists for OLPC. The playlists should have less than 20 minutes of music and contain only tracks licensed under the CC BY or BY-SA licenses. To label a playlist for the OLPC, add ?OLPC? before its name.

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