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[LINK] Android violates Linux license, experts claim

Google’s Android mobile operating system’s usage of the Linux kernel may violate open source licensing with a misappropriation of Linux code that could bring about the “collapse of the Android ecosystem,” some intellectual property experts are charging.

The Linux issue is a separate one and no lawsuits have apparently been filed. But a few intellectual property watchers have written analyses that call into question Android’s use of Linux code licensed under GPL version 2.

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Android Free Software (FOSS)

Here is a couple lists of software for Android-based phones that have GPL, Apache, license etc. cause the Android Market doesn’t allow users to easily filter applications based on their license status.

AndroidFreeSoftware – Le Wiki Koumbit
List of open source Android applications – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

And there is the F-Droid Repository of easily installable FOSS apps

Feel free to comment on sites that may have more comprehensive list of FOSS applications for Android base phones

LINK: Jonathan Oxer on CH7’s Sunrise

Jonathan Oxer (ex Linux Australia President) was on the channel 7’s Sunrise program yesterday morning showing off his technological house.

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LINK: Meet Australia’s geekiest geek

This is a great article about Jonathan Oxer, whose entire house is connected to a central computer and can be controlled remotely via a computer or mobile phone.

Teeming with technology, the abode conjures up images of The Jetsons but, much to the surprise of visitors, the house looks no less ordinary than a typical suburban dwelling. Wires, switches and gizmos are concealed, true to Oxer’s philosophy of “having everything work invisibly”.

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LINK: Fedora on the Final Frontier

It is amazing to see where Linux is being used in the community and the corporate world, and how it is being put to use.

There has been a long standing rumor regarding NASA running Fedora which all of us in the Fedora community have been always intrigued by. Is it true? What are they doing with it there? Why don’t they run RHEL. Fortunately enough, a couple of weeks ago, I got to experience NASA behind the scenes, first hand, and hang out with the coolest members of the Fedora community, and find out the answer to these questions and lots more.

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The Open Disc

The Open Disk is a collection of high quality Open Source Software (OSS) for Windows.

Some of the software on the disc includes Firefox Thunderbird The Gimp Inkscape OpenOffice.org and VLC just to name a few

If you want to start getting your friends that run windows into the feel and the freedom of Open Source Software (OSS), I’d recommend you taking a look at and or downloading a copy of the Open Disc. This is what I done this year as part of peoples Christmas presents. 🙂