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Android 2.3.3 screenshots without root

Changes in the Android 2.3.3 Gingerbread source will allow applications to take screenshots without rooting your phone.

By what I can tell by the screenshots it like like it just a MS Windows only app at the moment and us Linux and Mac users will have to settle for using the SDK or rooting our phones and using apps like ShootMe (Screen Grabber) or PicMe (Screen Grabber)


Android 3.0 SDK Officially Released

Some of the new user features

  • New UI designed from the ground up for tablets
  • System Bar, for global status and notifications
  • Action Bar, for application control
  • Customizable Home screens
  • Recent Apps, for easy visual multitasking
  • Redesigned keyboard
  • Improved text selection, copy and paste
  • New connectivity options

SDK is normally the prelude to the release of the much more useful sources (AOSP), So hopefully you’ll see Honeycomb ported to your device very soon as Motorola Xoom is already being shipped with Honeycomb

Android 3.0 Platform Highlights

Android Honeycomb SDK for HTC Desire

Coolexe from XDA Developer forums has ported Honeycomb to the HTC Desire. The ROM is still under development and not everything works and is only recommended to other Developers. But for now it something to keep an eye on

what’s working
just booted.
Network working

what’s not
lots of things.

[ROM-DEV] Honeycomb SDK port to Desire(DEVELOPERS ONLY)