Update : Software Freedom Day 2007 events around South Australia


Well there less than a week left before the big day on the 15th this month for SFD. For this year we are going to have 6 event going on here in SA which very good. 🙂

The two new events that have been arrange. The first one at Flinders Uni I have not been able to find out lot info about besides what they got on the SFD wiki.

Australian Science and Mathematics School
Near one of Flinders University’s campuses, there stands Australian Science and Mathematics School. We specialize in science, maths and IT. Last year we had a few free programs, like GIMP, Inkscape and Audacity, but they accidentally were deleted during the Windows update. However, even when the programs were there, most students didn’t know how to use them. So I want to educate everybody about free software and its uses. After all, our school prides itself on innovative teaching methods and technologies, and Open Source software is not an old tale yet!

Flinders University
Sturt Road

Vorpalcon – Booth and Display

As if The Generals Lounge event wasn’t enough, people from the Linux Meetup Group that meets there will be running a booth and display at Vorpalcon, Adelaide’s Premiere Hobby Gaming Convention – Sat, 15th – Sun 16th.

Contact: The Generals Lounge (08) 8277 6155
Event Page: http://www.vorpalcon.com/

And the rest the events in South Australia you can view here

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